AI - ML engines to digitize the CFS & Container yards

AI – ML engines to digitize the CFS & Container yards

Redefining the way CFS, Container yard is managed globally with AI-ML engines & creating paperless digital ecosystems with autonomous operations. is a smart digital platform which offers scope to transformation for shipping industry to interconnect seamlessly.Shipping generally lags, and CFS and yards are even further behind the curve due to the various risks involved.
Should this continue? The traditional shipping industry may be unable to keep up with the increasing competition from disruptive new players who use digital technology to suit the ever-increasing demands of the CFS/ ICD / Empty Yards.

Although API-based data-sharing is now widely used to raise productivity and boost sustainability across most industrial sectors, it is still uncommon in yards. The CFS, ICD, and empty yards value chain may be empowered to make better decisions and deliver smarter assets by sharing and integrating data from the influx of new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based technologies that are now becoming evident in yard management and operational sectors.

Of course, there are many barriers. Legacy systems in many shipyards would need to be modernized or integrated; and as any company that has switched to a new system will know, there are inherent risks to a system-wide change.
With careful planning and implementation, technology, automated processes, and big data can revolutionise long-established working practices, enhancing efficiency, productivity, profitability, reliability, quality, and predictive improvement.

Conmove digital processes will support container yards to adapt to impending regulatory and customer requirements as they have the potential for improved production systems, and better yard management. Technology interaction becomes part of the daily routine and determines what we do, how we do it, and where we do it.

Conmove can assist you in bringing about the desired transformation and help you get closer to your goal of building a more efficient yard i.e CFS / ICD / Empty Yard.

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Oil imports in October jumped to USD 14.43 billion as against USD 6 billion in the same month last year. The imports expanded to USD 87.42 billion during April-October 2021.

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