Boxyard - CY

AI ML-enabled container yard management system ( CFS & ICD ) for space planning and business insights to make informed decisions based on customer, shipping line, cargo type, and examination. 

We can help your yard business grow

Real-time container storage location and AI-ML-enabled 3D interface systems for tracking, managing, and analysing data on container movements with inventory for CFS management.

Real-time 3D view with intuitive location planning


AI-ML engines to define auto-allocation of space


CHE interface to manage container shifting realtime


Reducing the number of container moves & CHE efforts


Container location view for customers and brokers

CFS-CHA single window, zero emission
  • Digital interface to submit documents online, saving paper
  • Advance information is available to yards on delivery types
  • Integration of a custom interface for examination and OOC
  • Appointment with the CFS in advance for delivery planning
  • Online authorization and e-gate payment to the yard

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