Trailer management and digital gate management are available 24 x7 with ANPR, OCR, and face recognition technology. Authorized entry is ensured by trailer management and an advance appointment feature.

Make yard gate entry & exit digital

Computer vision provides 24 hour visibility: Digital gate systems to provide real-time information on the status of containers as they enter or exit yards.


ANPR for Trailer No Plate Recognition and Entry


Driver face recognition and image capturing


Container image from all sides for records


Container damage detection and sharing images


24x7 multiple gate and lane management

Why we are first choice of customers
  • High-tech cameras with 99.99% accuracy
  • Auto identification of single and multiple containers
  • Day and night vision with live recording all the time
  • There is an option for auto-yard inward management.
  • Trailer information from the entrance to the exit¬†

Our goals in numbers


Hitech Cameras

0 x7

Realtime Vigilance

0 +

Completed Project

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