Container tracking by Conmove

Container tracking – An exception management tool by Conmove

Containers travel extensively and pass through multiple channels by sea before they are in the front door of your customer. International trade is growing globally & so are the expectations of the end customer, where we talk of the journey in days to a customer who is influenced by 10min delivery the new buzzword in logistics.

How crucial has tracking a consignment become considering the increase in customers’ impulses with the quick delivery system?

Is container tracking important? 

Tracking plays an important role in your supply chain and allows you to react faster to exceptions, reduce costs, and provide more visibility to your customers.

Advantages of Tracking

ETA & ETD are crucial – Transit time is crucial for any logistics company or logistics manager, it helps you know about exceptions & sooner you know them getting control of situations is easier.

Damage management – Demurrage & detention costs with unexpectedly delayed can pinch your pockets. Tracking containers, both at sea and inland, will help you reduce these extra costs.

Customer Relationship – Advance information will help customers to think about your control of the situation & help them make informed decisions. Enabling them to make changes from their side in plans and increase end customer satisfaction.

Shipping line tracking & updates – Online free tools will help you get the update but you need to deploy a person & ensure he effectively keeps on tracking the container from time to time. helps you get close to real-time updates on container location on waters with travel history changes in ETD / ETA with auto alerts & notifications.

  • All live containers on waters
  • Containers arrived at Port
  • Containers gate out from port

Conmove tracking solutions help to track containers more accurately, bringing more visibility & predictability to International shipping.

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