Empty Yard Management system (EYMS) made Easy!

Empty Yard Management Made Easy.

Empty Yard Management system (EYMS)


In the fast-paced world of logistics, the efficient management of yards, especially when handling empty containers, is crucial for maintaining the seamless flow of goods. This blog explores the significance of empty yard management in logistics and sheds light on why a 4% trade deficit exists, attributing it to a 24.15% import rate against a 21.51% export rate. Additionally, we delve into the Indian trade scenario, where imported containers often end up in empty yards. Discover how Conmove.io is spearheading the evolution of Empty Yard Management with its innovative solutions – Boxyard – EY and Boxyard – CY.

Trade Dynamics in India:

India, a significant player in global trade, faces the challenge of imported containers often ending up in empty yards. This results in the need for effective Empty Yard Management to ensure that these containers are efficiently handled, repaired, and stored, contributing to a more sustainable and streamlined supply chain.

Container Life Cycle:

Containers have a defined life cycle, including stages of use, damage, repair, and storage. Effective Empty Yard Management involves strategically handling containers throughout their life cycle, ensuring that damaged containers are repaired and stored efficiently.

Conmove.io‘s Solutions for Empty Yard Management:

Conmove.io’s Boxyard – EY and Boxyard – CY solutions offer comprehensive tools to address the challenges of Empty Yard Management.

Boxyard – EY (Empty Yard) Solution:

·   Mobile App for Container Survey: Conmove.io provides a mobile app for surveying containers, equipped with MNR/ CODECO Tariff to manage 30+ shipping lines.

·   Real-time Inventory Dashboard: This solution streamlines booking management, captures damaged images, and provides a real-time inventory dashboard for easy monitoring.

·   Efficient Line Interface: NVOCC/Line interfaces for approval and inventory visibility, ensuring seamless collaboration and communication.

Conmove.io‘s Unique Offerings:

· MNR/CODECO for 30+ Shipping Lines: Conmove.io stands out by providing Manifested Not Received (MNR) and Container Gate-in/Gate-out Report (CODECO) messages for over 30 shipping lines, ensuring accurate and timely documentation.

· MSC-OVA/OVMNR Integration: The solution seamlessly integrates with MSC, including OVA/OVMNR (Westim/Destim/Repair Destim), fostering collaboration and visibility.


In conclusion, Conmove Solutions is at the forefront of transforming Empty Yard Management in the logistics industry. By offering cutting-edge technology, real-time tracking, and seamless collaboration interfaces, Conmove.io empowers businesses to optimize space, reduce dwell time, and enhance overall visibility in their yard operations. Embrace the future of logistics with Conmove.io and propel your business towards unparalleled efficiency and success in the dynamic world of supply chain management.

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