Global Supply Chain Crises Flares Up Again Where It All Began

Global Supply Chain Crises Flares Up Again Where It All Began China’s stringent rules to curb Covid-19 are about to unleash another wave of summer chaos on supply chains between Asia, the U.S., and Europe. Ports are already snarled, with the $22 trillion trade in global goods facing months of severe disruption. Beijing’s zero-tolerance approach …

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progress of container globalization

Progress Of Container Globalization

Progress Of Container Globalization The progress of container globalization was game changer in the 20th century, with a greater impact than the airplane or the microchip. It brought new designs for ships and cargo facilities, allowed for global door-to-door transportation, utilized early information technology, and caused structural change in the industry through mergers and alliances. …

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container shipping

Globalization of Shipping Containers

Globalization Of Shipping Containers The globalization of shipping containers has revolutionized the way goods are transported around the world. Prior to the introduction of container shipping in the 1950s, cargo was loaded and unloaded by hand, which was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. The use of standardized containers, which could be easily loaded onto different …

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container shipping during covid

Container shipping during pandemic

Container Shipping During Pandemic The container shipping during pandemic had an unprecedented impact on global economies. Lockdown measures worldwide meant that manufacturing was halted, ports were closed, and shipping companies were forced to make dramatic adjustments to their regular schedules Despite Asia’s prolonged struggles, it wasn’t until February 2020 that the global shipping sector started …

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