Troubled Waters Ahead :
Piracy Resurfaces,Threats to Cargo,Can Boxeye Be Your Lifejacket?

The vast expanse of the ocean holds the lifeblood of global trade – container ships laden with goods crisscrossing the world. But beneath the serene surface, a dark tide is rising: piracy. In December 2023, Somali pirates returned after 6 Years with renewed vigor, hijacking vessels, kidnapping crew, and demanding hefty ransoms, casting a shadow on the shipping industry.

The Price of Fear:

These acts aren’t just pirate movies come to life. The consequences are real and brutal. Crew members face the trauma of captivity, families bear the agonizing wait, and businesses grapple with astronomical losses. Beyond the human cost, piracy disrupts supply chains, inflates insurance premiums, and drives up the price of every day goods for everyone. The International Maritime Bureau estimates that piracy cost the industry $2 billion in 2020 alone, and 2023 is shaping up to be even worse.

Charting a Safer Course:

In these turbulent waters, knowledge is your compass. Real-time container tracking has become a vital tool in the fight against piracy. Knowing your shipment’s exact location, route, and any suspicious deviations empowers you to act swiftly and proactively. This is where’s Boxeye shines bright.

Boxeye: Your Eye on the Horizon:

Boxeye is more than just a tracker; it’s your vigilant watchtower on the waves. Here’s how it can guide you through the storm:

Beyond Tracking, Peace of Mind:

Boxeye isn’t just about protecting your cargo; it’s about protecting your sanity. With real-time visibility and instant alerts, you gain invaluable peace of mind, knowing your precious shipment is never out of sight. You can focus on your business, not on fretting about pirates lurking in the shadows.

A Brighter Future on the Horizon:

Combating piracy requires a collective effort. By embracing advanced tracking solutions like Boxeye, we can collectively make the seas safer for everyone. Remember, it’s not just about safeguarding cargo; it’s about protecting lives and ensuring the smooth flow of goods that keeps our world connected.

Visit today and learn how Boxeye can be your lifejacket in these turbulent waters. Let’s navigate towards a future of secure shipping, a future where technology illuminates the path and pirates are left adrift in the darkness.

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