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Online platform to interconnect stakeholders for real time information               on movement & management of container enabled with AI/ML engines.

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AI – ML engines to optimise
logistics with deep business
insights & chatbot support

Create a marketplace using transporter’s pool with Conmove plug-and-play solution for web or mobile

Easy to own A marketplace

Control Tower & Single Window

Connecting customer and transporters for Indent,
Booking, e-LR, e-POD, e-Invoice

Real time tracking

Realtime Driver Tracking App

Tracking market drivers with driver go for realtime
information on movement and ETA


Routewise Smart Contracts

Save rate contracts based on routes for errorless
e-Invoicing as per GST

How it works




Post fleets Or Loads
Advance posting for quick match



Find match at best price
Demand supply match engine



Confirm booking & load
Driver tracking, ETA & e-POD

We solve problems with AI-ML

Boxmove - Last mile Delivery

Inland Freight Discovery & Delivery Platform for container trailer transportation to source fleets on demand at the best price through spot bidding and manage contracted businesses.

Boxfreight - multimodal freight

Single platform for Multimodal freight management by road, rail, sea from origin to destination. Modern logistics to deliver goods efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Boxgate - In Gate / Out Gate

Trailer management and digital gate management are available 24 x7 with ANPR, OCR, and face recognition technology. Authorized entry is ensured by trailer management and an advance appointment feature.

Boxyard - 3D Storage in yard

AI ML-enabled container yard management system for space planning and business insights to make informed decisions based on customer, shipping line, cargo type, and examination.

We believe that digitisation would create value for our customers & container trade

Interconnecting stakeholders to simplify container trailer transportation.

Why You Should Choose Us

We offer Visibility, Availability, Predictability
with realtime information on movement of shipping  container across the supply chain.

What Our Clients Say

Mr.Hemant CHA & Forwarder

Conmove has assisted us in improving logistics, which is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the movement of goods in order to provide real-time visibility. They make container logistics more efficient and cost-effective than traditional methods of transportation.

Mr.Santosh Importer & Exporter

Real-time information from the point of origin to the point of destination has improved with better coordination among all stakeholders. Conmove's online platform plays a critical role in our supply chain management and helps to ensure that goods and services are delivered on time and in an efficient manner.

Mr.Rajesh Empty Yard

Managing an empty yard effectively was never easy & with last 20+ years in empty management we found Conmove as a first tech partner with mobile app as well integration with multiple shipping lines giving 24X7 support. Introduction of new features & technologies with BI dashboards help us with deep insights

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